God's Kingdom takes a secular perspective of Christianity to explain the physical, biological, mental and social worlds. The Kingdom of God highlights a unique paradigm, 'the Information Interface,' to describe the nature of material and immaterial information and how these can be explained from both a religious and scientific perspective.  

The Information Interface

The information interface is a paradigm that describes the ‘nature’ of information and how it is transformed and manifested to form one's experience of the world. The information interface provides the framework to explain the various aspects of god’s kingdom and the multiple levels of a human existence.  The information interface includes the structures (Bodies), spirits (energy or life force) and minds (the soul and its information field) that form the fundamental nature of the universe. These basic dimensions demonstrate the way that the physical, biological, mental and social worlds have been created and evolved. A human being exists in a dynamic interface of information, with information being exchanged within four dimensions - physical, biological, mental and social. 

The Nature of Information

Information can be defined as the messages that are exchanged in various interactions. These messages are communicated through the delivery of various stimuli, signals and instructions to promote changes. Through the integration of internal and external messages, as well as the way information that is communicated between the various phenomenon of the universe, information is manifested depending on the nature of a particular structure and the way it is transformed by a spirit. 

1. Physical Information


Physical information is exchanged in the mechanical, non-living or abiotic world. It moves slower than the speed of light and and obeys natural laws (i.e. the rules proposed by classical scientists like Isaac Newton). It is so slow moving and has such a low intensity that its vibration that it can be perceived (i.e. touched, seen, heard and sensed) by the body. 


In the physical world, the information needed to carry out life processes is encoded and delivered in messages in the form of vibrations (oscillating patterns of information), chemical substances (chemical or molecular signals) and electrical impulses. Electricity, in turn generates magnetic fields, which surrounds all structures. The magnetic fields combines to create electromagnetic fields which not only spread out from us, but also connect us to every other living being. Various forms of physical information are interchanged between electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields as well as light, sound and other methods of physical informational exchange.

2. Biological Information

Biological Information is the exchange of that forms the biotic world of living organisms. This includes all cells, tissues and organs that makes up the structures of organisms from microorganisms, plants, animals and the body of a human being. 

3. Mental Information

Mental information is  the non-material aspects of the mind. These are the most subtle vibrations of information that move at speeds faster than the speed of light and follows the rules of quantum physics. The body produces information from the body to the mind (soma) and responds to the information that are outside them and move from the mind into the body (psyche).

The Three Treasures

Chinese Philosophy provides the foundations for the intellectual framework of the information interface, as many of the ideas were formulated from the Chinese conceptual framework of ‘the Three Treasures.’ In Chinese medicine, the Three Treasures consist of three concepts – jing, qi and shen. Jing is often translated as the essence or foundation; Qi is often translated as energy or spirit; and Shen is often translated as the mind. In the theory laid out in the information interface however, the foundational understanding of the three treasures is used to define the information interface in concepts well known to various western scientific and popular spiritual modalities. Here:


1. Jing refers to ‘structure’ (or source), the pure nature of the universe


2. Qi as ‘spirit’ (force or energy) which is how information is transformed


3. Shen is translated as the mind, soul and information field that processes information and brings about our consciousness, subconscious and unconscious states of mind.


Jing, qi and shen, or simply jing-qi-shen, are manifested and expressed as unseparable phenomena of the human experience.

Jing - Structure - Essence

A structure is any source, body or stimulus that ‘causes’ reality into existence. It is the the product of the way information is organised, arranged, integrated and stored that gives it form. As the formal aspects of the universe, structure defines the identity, constituents, characteristics, patterns and relationships of a particular phenomenon. It signifies its ‘true nature,’ the pure, unadulterated or natural state prior to transformation.


The structure of a phenomenon is 'absolute in form, the medium that carries messages to tell it how to behave. forms its ‘absolute’ potential, designates boundaries and determines the ‘truth’ in its ultimate form. Structures are often solid in form, which make them ‘relatively’ difficult to change. With boundaries firmly defined, structures are open systems as they allow energy to interact within its boundaries and to travel in and out in an orderly manner. The functions of structures are to transmit or encode messages to be interpreted somewhere else in time or space. Structures form the intelligence (or logic) behind the holistic nature of all the activities of particular systems. Structures can be viewed from an analytical or descriptive perspective with analytical perspectives breaking structures into the constituent parts, while descriptive perspectives view structures holistically, where the whole is seen as more than a sum of its parts. Structure is yin in nature in Chinese philosophy and pertains to earth facets of Biblical terminology.

Qi - Spirit - Energy

Spirit is the source of power that can be used to accomplish work, a goal or to impart an effect on a structure. Spirit includes all those generative and transformative force that animate, activate, energise, power, stimulate, move, vitalize, motivate or transform information into action. A spirit is any energizing force that causes change in phenomena, particularly as it becomes involved in the transformation of information into a more usable, subtle or condensed form. Spirit is the generating force that determines the nature and intensity of various transformations and causes changes in all processes and activities. As the motivating force that energises the activities of all processes, spirit is inherent in all activities in the nonliving ‘physical’ world, as well as the ‘biological’ world of life. Due to the interaction of various types of energies, spirit or spirits are always energizing our ever present and eternal reality, whether past or present. Spirit is anomalous with the term energy, because it gives structures the capacity to ‘work' and facilitate the changes in the state or movement).  


Spirit brings about changes in the structure of phenomena. It changes, alters, adapts, develops or modulates the 'behaviour' of a particular phenomena, state or series of activities. Spirit is the processes of transforming inputs into outputs. It promotes changes to phenomena in the universe to cause various effects, consequences, impacts or outcomes. Spirits are transformed in relation to a variety of rhythms, cycles and movements that brings about informational changes. Spirits generate and power structures so that information can be processed and activities can be performed. As information changes its form, messages communicate with each other to concurrently stimulate further changes in the ways that information is expressed. Spirit is facilitated into motion and communicates to initiate variety of rhythms, cycles and movements that brings about informational changes. Spirits generate and power structures so that information can be processed and activities can be performed. As information changes its form, messages communicate with each other to concurrently stimulate further changes in the ways that information is expressed. Spirit is facilitated into motion and communicates to initiate various messages. The nature and intensity of the transformations that are stimulated and transformed by energy determines the various consequences that occur. Spirit is yang in Chinese philosophy and related to heaven aspects of Biblical terminology.

Shen- Mind, Soul, Information Field - Direction of Spirit ​

 The mind is the outcome of ‘processed’ information. It is the ‘process’ of  consuming, sorting, processing and exchanged in the information fields that surround and interpenetrate a structure. Mental information comes from the spirits of the physical, biological and social environments as well as the information that is being projected out by the body and brain. In relation to ones awareness of the quality, quantity and intensity of mental information in the informational field of the mind forms one's conscious experience of reality.

The mind determines the way that a particular structure reacts, acts, interprets, communicates (verbally and non-verbally), responds, is interpreted, expressed and experienced. Various outcomes, effects, results or consequences are ‘created’ by particular states, perceptions, beliefs (interpretations of the world) and the behaviours that are manifested in our current reality. In relation to a particular stimulus, phenomenon, situation or event, the current reality that is consciously being experienced at any one cross section of time is influence by the past (memories) and the possible potentials of the future. All informational structures create, exchange and interchange vibrations, chemicals and other physical, biological, mental and social phenomena  to influence the way that a structures actions will be interpreted. 

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The Physical Interface

The Physical Interface is the mechanical, material, spiritual & sensory world of physical matter.

  •  Physical Laws

  • Matter

  • The Subatomic World of the Atom

  • The Chemistry of Material Substance

  • The Heavens and Father Sky

  • Mother Earth, The Goddess 

  • Physical Spirits

The Biological Interface

The Biological Interface is the living world of organisms, the nutrients that sustain them and the ecosystems in which they evolve. 

  • What is Life?

  • Organisms & Brain Strcutures

  • Cells, tissues, organs & systems

  • Bacteria & Other Microorganisms

  • Plants

  • Animals

  • Human Beings

  • Biological Spirits

  • Maintenance of Life

The Mental Interface

The mental interface is the mind, the non-material exchange of information that occurs in the subtle informational fields that surround and interpenetrate all physical structures:

  • Informational Fields

  • Mental Laws

  • Mental Structures

  • The Ethereal Mind

  • The Emotional Mind

  • The Thinking Mind

  • The Higher Thinking Mind

  • Voilition

  • The Non-Ordinary Mind

  • Mental Spirits

  • The Soul

The Social Interface

The social interface is the exchanges one engages in within one's social interactions and interrelations.

  • Identity

  • Social Structure

  • Social Spirits

  • The Social Mind

  • Lifestyle

  • Living Conditions

  • Political Sectors

  • Economic Industries

  • Agencies, Government & Networks

  • Educational Disciplines

  • Governance

the human body

The body is the complete human organism made up of atoms, chemicals, minerals, cells, tissues, organs and systems in their exchange of the vital substances includijg extracellular fluid, blood, body fluids, lymph & cerebrospinal fluid.

  • The Mechanical Body

  • The Chemical Body

  • The Mineral Body

  • The Cellular Body

  • The Vital Substances

  • The Limbs

  • The Gut

  • The Viscera

  • Systems of the Body

  • The Landscape of the Face

  • The Bodily Information Networks

  • Brain(s)

  • The Chakras

  • Bodily Spirits

  • Survival Mechanisms

  • The Development of The Body

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