Turtle's Mental Health Hub is a website that explores The Consumer Journey Model of Mental Health. It provides a hub to access information on mental health and mental illness. Turtle's Mental Health Hub provides a comprehensive Mental Health Directory and a LINKS database that aims to summarise the programs, services, research, initiatives, organisations and frameworks in the mental health sector at a state, national and global level. Turtle's Mental Health Hub also highlights  a number of innovative programs including The Global Now Project, The Empowerment Program & The Zero Suicide Initiative...


What is Mental Health?

What is mental health is the collaboration of information related to the various principles that are used in modern mental health practice.

What is mental Illness?

What is mental illness is a collaboration of information related to mental illnesses and the programs, services,  initiatives and research operating in relation to mental illnesses in the mental health system.

The Consumer Journey provides information related to the various types of programs, services and initiatives that mental health consumers can access as they journey through hospital or rehabilitating,  recovering  and pursuing leadership pathways in the community.

The Consumer Journey

Mental Health Workforce

Mental Health Workforce highlights the different types of service providers in the mental health system and their related organisations and associations

The Consumer Movement

The consumer movement is a collaboration of information on mental health consumers and associated programs, services, initiatives and organisations.

The Empowerment PRogram

The Empowerment Program is an 8 session training session that explores the underlying principles of the mental health sector, explores mental health methods of how to become a mental health advocate and how to form a mental health community of practice.

The Global Now Project

The Global Now Project is a global situational awareness that uses service mapping tools to map all the programs, services, initiatives, research and organisations in the mental health system to populate other aspects of Turtle's Mental Health Hub 

The Zero Suicide Partnership is a grassroots approach to suicide prevention that aims to work with key local stakeholders to reach target demographic profiles to bring suicide numbers to zero within a region.

The Zero Suicide Partnership

Mental Health Directory

The Mental Health Directory is a database of the programs, services, initiatives and organisations that exist in the mental health system at a local, national and global level.

Mental Health Links

Mental Health Links is a database to access committees, boards, apps, awards, blogs, champions & ambassadors, charters, conferences, constitutions, declaration opportunities, donations, events and so on in the mental health system in one place.

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