Turtle's writing is a body of work that has been collaborated over a period of 15+ years. In a creation that has spawned from a few ideas, this work spans multiple areas of expertise such as Chinese Medicine, public health and mental health. Together, these ideas have influenced a unique perspective of explaining the universe and human being's role in it. I hope you enjoy exploring these ideas and I hope that it helps you in your own life... 

The Spawn of My Ideas

I have had the intention of writing a book for as long as I can remember. Beginning writing poetry in my teens, a love for learning expanded through an in-depth exploration of arts and humanities. I embarked on a journey into the unique Eastern philosophy of Chinese Medicine before navigating the realms of public health in an attempt to develop a perspective of how I could help people on a population level. All this was done to understand the depths of humanity and how the universe operates. In the near future, I hope to share these experiences with you as I populate this website in an attempt demonstrate to the world what I have learnt in a comprehensive body of work.

My Philosophy

My philosophy hopes to combine Christian terminology with the underpinnings of ​Chinese philosophy to bridge the gaps between philosophy, religion and the sciences. It explores concepts such as CHRIST, faith, truth and salvation to formulate the design an ideal existence and marry structure and spirit in a harmonious, ongoing relationship till the 'end of times.'

Social Philosophy

From a social perspective, my writing hopes to explain how the basics of human nature can be used as a foundation to design an ideal society. It uses collaborative, participatory and networking models to explain how the world could be governed more efficiently through the co-existence of horizontal and vertical forms of governance. My writing highlights the way that a cooperative, pluralistic and peaceful society could allow all individuals to actively engage and become empowered in their local community, while evolving in a global society... Together!

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God's Kingdom is the 'Information Interface' theory that explores the physical, biological, mental and social interfaces & how they interact with the human body

The Evolutionary History of Creation

The Evolutionary History of Creation describes how the Book of Genesis relates to the major evolutionary developments of the universe.

The Resurrection of CHIRST

The Resurrection of CHRIST is an innovative self-help perspective that explores concepts of faith & truth to form a picture of how humanity can reach salvation.  


Nature & Nurture explores the nature vs nurture debate and explains that recent scientific discoveries points towards the importance of creating ideal environments.

The Global Manifesto

The Global Manifesto explores that major factors that shape society and how this model of governance can lead humanity to the realisation of our highest ideals.

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