The Empowerment Model of Mental Health is an 8-week aiming to give mental health consumers the skills to be able to form and develop a mental health community of practice, run by consumers for consumers. People in the program will learn the principles of how to become community advocates, activists, spokespeople and media representatives in the mental health sector in an attempt to represent the ‘voice’ of mental health consumers in the local community. It will empower them to put forward solutions directly to decision makers and service providers as well as to voice their issues and concerns, speak up for themselves and share their experience and views with a range of audiences.


Introeuction to Mental Health & he Mental Health Sector

The 1st session will provide an overview of mental health sector to give an overview of what mental health is and the support services that are available in the community. This session includes an overview of numerous aspects of mental health including:


  • What is Mental Health?

  • What is Mental Illness?

  • Mental Health Principles

  • Mental Health Interventions

  • Mental Health Workforce

  • The Mental Health Consumer Movement

  • The Consumer Journey

  • Support Networks

Empowerment PRinciples

The 2nd session of the empowerment programs aims to provide a consumer with the foundational principles that underpin a consumer framework. These principles include: 

  • Power & Empowerment

  • Inclusivity & Participation

  • Human Rights

  • Accountability

  • Social Justice

  • Equality & Inequality

  • Equity

  • Equal Opportunity

  • Discrimination & Non-Discrimination

The 3rd session will provide a background understanding of all the aspects that is required for mental health leadership in the community. It will include a number of components including:

  • What is Leadership?

  • What is Advocacy?

  • What is Consumer Representation?

  • Systematic Advocacy

  • Consumer Advocacy & Advisory Groups

Mental Health Leadership

Giving Consumers A Voice

The 4th session explores the consumer voice and explores the various ways that the community can be consulted and reached. This section includes topics related to:

  • What is the consumer voice?

  • What is  community consultation

  • Consultation Methods

  • Qualitative Research

  • Developing a Survey

  • Appreciative Inquiry

creatng A Community of Practice

The 5th session aims at providing the methodology for consumers to create a space where they can share information, resources and their lived experience in a community of practice. This section explores a number of topics including:

  • What is a Community of Practice?

  • The Nature of Collaboration

  • Forming Networks

  • Dialogue, Information & Resource Sharing

  • Building Partnerships

Becoming a consumer-run organisation

The 6th sessions aims to provide participants with the skills to develop a consumer-run organisation. It is hoped that in this process of train-the-trainer that participants can then take it upon themselves to conduct their own meetings and build a consumer-run organisation. Aspects covered in this session include:

  • The 6 D's Model

  • Definition

  • Discovery


    Delivery & Implementation

  • Developing & Evaluation

  • The Meeting

  • Terms of Reference

  • Recruitment

  • Job Description

  • Project Management

The 7th Session aims for participants to learn more about themselves and where they fit in the grander scheme of life. It explores numerous topics including:

  • Personality

  • Attitude

  • Emotional & Social Intelligence

  • Values and Beliefs

  • Becoming Resilient

  • The Lived Experience

Know Thyself

The Individual Care Plan

The final session aims to bring al the components of the program together and create an individual care plan. It aims to assess one's leadership capacities, how the skills learnt in the course can be applied to their life and determine whether one has the capacity to train others with the skills learnt in these sessions. This section includes a design of an individual care plan including:

  • Lived Experience Spider Web

  • Life Domain Spider Web

  • Family History

  • Advance Statement

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