The Resurrection of CHRIST is a book focused on a secular perspective of Christian principles and how these can be used to evolve personally and collectively to reach 'salvation.' It begins with a scientific exploration into faith and truth, before expanding into a holistic discussion of sin and how 'redeeming' factors to our habits, emotions and thoughts can bring 'health' to our bodies, minds, soul and the communities we live in. The Resurrection of CHRIST then explores various ways that humans can evolve by following 'The Path of Salvation.'

What is CHRIST? (The Light, The Truth, They Way)

The foundation of many Christian traditions is based around the concept of Christ. Christ is the evolving process of discovery that humans travel through to reach salvation, the fullest development, realisation, expression and potential. Through CHRIST, people and their societies evolve on their way to achieving salvation. 


In Christian circles, the ‘light,’ the ‘truth,’ the ‘way,’ and sometimes ‘the life’ have become symbols to describe the way that the human race was created, is redeemed and will become sanctified by reaching salvation. Sayings such as ‘we can only reach salvation through Christ,’ have often scared the atheist, agnostic or non-Christian believer and turned them away from Christian beliefs, however the author attempts to explain how these concepts can bridge the gap between a rational and even a scientific understanding of the universe and the religious or mystical perspective of the world. An understanding of the concepts that are necessary to understand CHRIST, can bring a new ‘light’ to both ‘faith-based’ and ‘karmic’ spiritual traditions.

The 'Light'

The ‘light’ refers to the inspiration and enlightenment of humanity through putting ‘faith’ into the exploration of what is ‘unknown.’ The light ensures that humans continue to explore unknown possibilities, putting energy, trust and belief into scientific hypotheses, explaining mysteries and giving a context for intuition to thrive.


The light explores that which ‘could’ happen in the future and provides a means for an individual to ‘hope’ for a more positive, optimistic and ideal future. The light explores the ‘faith’ dimension of religions, which ‘causes an effect’ to happen. Faith is the first step in learning, putting trust into people and the events around them as well as being the sources of our creativity, inspiration, new discoveries, novel experiences and innovations. The light influences ones reality by looking in a direction towards future possibilities. The mental faculty associated with faith is the imagination and the exploration of the reality of the internal world.

The Truth

If ‘light’ is the process of exploring the unknown, then the ‘truth’ is the process of proving with certainty, predictability, repeatedly and validity that the reality one senses is real. If ‘light’ works by intuition, then the ‘truth’ works through reason, rationality and logic. The truth can be both subjective and objective in form, aiding an individual’s understanding, knowledge and wisdom. It is found on the journey of discovery and observation of 'what is.’


Truth ensures that one can come to a rational judgement of what is ‘right or wrong,’ ‘good or evil,’ ‘proper or improper,’ ‘positive or negative,’ ‘real or false,’ ‘constructive or destructive,’ ‘righteousness or unrighteous’ and so on in the current moment. The truth looks into the ‘karmic’ dimension of ‘cause and effect’ relationships. The mental faculty associated with truth is reason, which is expressed through the cerebral cortex and the exploration of reality of the external world.

The Way

The ‘way’ provides a methodology, design or plan to bring about a perfected state of eternal wholeness. The Christian’s model of creating and sustaining an ideal way of life that an individual can lead is known as the Plan of Salvation. By encouraging the creation and maintenance of free, secure and stress-free living conditions as well as productive, entertaining and satisfying lifestyles, the Plan of Salvation aims to create a method that people can live in an ideal state of existence. This ideal existence is known as the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ by Christians, ‘Paradise’ for people of Islam background and ‘Nirvana’ for those that following the path of Buddhist philosophy.

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The Light of FAith

The light of faith explores the nature and levels of faith that include acknowledgement, acceptance, belief, tolerance, trust, submission and surrender. It explores the nature of the imagination and how hope has a huge healing potential in our emotional brain. Finally, it explains how the creative nature of faith creates our innovative and inventive impulses lead us to proactively plan and design an ideal future...

  • What is Faith?

  • The Faith Brain

  • Imagination

  • Infinity

  • Hope & The Placebo Effective

  • Creativity & the Innovative Impulse

  • Proactivity Planning & Design

  • Discovering into the mysteries of the unknown

The Truth & What Is...

The truth of what is an explanation into the truth, it's mechanisms and how our rational and reasoning conscious mind can measure truth. It then discusses the various methods of discovering evidence so that we can use our knowledge, understanding and wisdom to make comprehensive conceptual frameworks, particularly through the scientific method.

  • What is Truth?

  • The Truth Brain

  • The Intellect, Judgement & Analysis

  • Reason, Rationality & Logic

  • Measures of Truth

  • Discovery Of The Truth

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Inquiry

  • Wisdom

  • Conceptual Frameworks 

  • Educational Disciplines

Sin & Redemtpion

Sin and Redemption explores the aspects of one's existence that is taking an individual or community away from salvation (e.g stress, stagnation, inflammation, trauma, pain, illness & disease, conflict, morbidity & disability, aging and death) and the forces that are required it to bring the body, mind; soul and environment back into harmony or balance. It is this foundation that one requires to be in a position to evolve

  • What is Sin?

  • Physical Sin

  • Habitual Sins

  • Emotion Sin

  • Thinking Sins

  • Social Sins

  • Suffering

  • Environmental Sins 

  • Aetiology of Sin 

  • What is Redemption?​

  • Rebirth & Reincarnation​

  • Rehabilitation​

  • Recovery​

  • Balance​

  • Healing The Body​

  • Healing the Brain​

  • Mental Conditioning​

  • Resilience & Coping Mechanisms​

  • Overcoming Pain​

  • The Placebo Effect

  • Problem Solving & Solution Generation​

  • Lifestyle Changes​

  • Treatments, Interventions & Cures​

  • Environmental Conservation & Restoration​

  • Prevention & Early Intervention​

  • The Helping & Healing Professions

The Way

The ‘way’ is the plan of salvation, a path that humans are following so that they can reach their ultimate end and achieve perfection, personally and collectively. The aspects that contribute to this ideal way of living requires mystical, religious, spiritual and occult principles, from preparation through to initiation.

  • A Peaceful Existence

  • A Life of Freedom

  • A Life Without Suffering

  • The Aesthetic Life of Self Control

  • An Altruistic Life

  • Active Contemplation

  • Practicing Beneficience

  • A Meaningful Life

  • A Healthy, Holy and Whole Life

The Resurrection of Christ

The resurrection of CHRIST is the evolutionary process in which one is prepared to reach the fullest expression of ourselves or God. Through a rigorous preparation, one is empowered to reach full consciousness, nirvana, self-mastery, balances masculine and feminine energies It is through this journey that they are able to marry the feminine and masculine, becomes immortal and therefore reaches salvation and comes into God's Kingdom, place of complete and absolute wholeness...


Our Holy Spirit!

  • What is the Resurrection?

  • The Preparation & Apprenticeship

  • Self-Mastery

  • Empowerment

  • Full Consciousness

  • Nirvana

  • The Marriage of Masculine & Feminine

  • Immortality

  • Evolution

  • Entering The Kingdom of God

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