The Zero-Suicide Partnership is a partnership is a 'grass-roots' suicide prevention strategy that aims to bring together a collaboration of local & regional stakeholders to reduce suicide in the Hawkesbury to zero people. The Zero-Suicide Partnership will use a Train-The-Trainer model to train up 'ready friends' in the community to be able to deal with suicide thoughts and equipping people in the community with the skills to handle a mental health crisis.


In the belief that all people in the community are gatekeepers, a dedicated team of volunteers will provide the gatekeeper training in a variety of settings to reach the entire community over a span of 4 years. By providing friends and family members with the skills and coping mechanisms to deal with a friend or family member who is confronting a difficult time, has suicide thoughts or appears vulnerable in any way, the Zero Suicide Partnership aims to enhance awareness of mental health in the community, raise awareness of suicide prevention strategies and build a mental health literate society that is resilient to deal with the stresses coping with mental health and suicide risk factors.


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